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‘Stop transferring the risk of nuclear pollution to the world’ – MOFCOM spox on Japan’s seafood exports amid Fukushima discharge

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« He Yadong, the new China’s Ministry of Commerce spokesperson, declared during a press briefing on Thursday in Beijing that Japan should immediately ‘stop transferring the risk of nuclear pollution to the world’, following Tokyo’s initiative to discharge treated radioactive waste water from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.
Yadong continued by saying that Beijing is aware of the document sent by Japanese authorities to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), which reportedly claimed as unacceptable the ban on its seafood after the discharge of the waste water, and affirmed that China has always supported the multilateral trading system with the WTO at its core and acted in accordance with the rules of the WTO.
« It is entirely legitimate, reasonable, and necessary for China to take emergency trade measures in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations and relevant WTO regulations, » the spokesperson stated.
Regarding the reports that Italy potentially seeks to leave the Belt and Road initiative, which involves a possible disappointment related to Rome’s results with the arrangement, Yadong said that both countries share extensive common interests and a profound basis for cooperation, and Beijing is willing to promote the greater development of the China-Italy comprehensive strategic partnership.
« During Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tajani’s visit to China, Minister [of Commerce] Wang Wentao had friendly, frank, and pragmatic exchanges with him, and the two sides reached many consensuses on further improving the level of bilateral trade and facilitating mutual investment, » Yadong said.
When commenting on China’s Anti-Dumping Duties on Stainless Steel Products Originating from Japan report, which consists of a document sent by Japanese authorities claiming that China’s anti-dumping measures are not consistent with the WTO agreements, Yadong said that Beijing has always carried out trade relief work in a manner consistent with WTO rules.
He added by saying that China will do ‘a proper job’ in the follow-up work of the case in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations and WTO rules. »

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