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The Mummy Returns! Archaeologists uncover 1000-year-old pre-Inca burial in Lima

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« Archaeologists have discovered a 1000-year-old mummy buried at the Huaca Pucllana pyramid site in Lima.
« It is an adult individual in a seated position, with legs bent, » explained expert Mirella Ganoza. « It has funerary equipment that is made up of two ceramic vessels, a pot with traces of soot on the outside, which has been subjected to fire, and another pitcher-type vessel decorated in in the geometric tricolour [pattern with the] red base or some researchers call it Huaura style. »
Footage taken on Wednesday shows the team cleaning up the remains of the ancient mummy, along with textiles and pottery. The find dates from the beginning of Yschma culture, a pre-Inca civilisation.
« It is very interesting because it complements the information that we had been having about the Yschma presence, » Ganoza continued. « This Huaca (find), [at] an archaeological site that belongs to the previous Lima Culture, appears only recently, or rather has a presence from the year 1000 AD. »
« This type of finding is very important to better understand our history, get closer to our history, and, above all, promote our identity, » she added.
The site itself dates from around 500 AD, with the earlier Lima culture occupying the area between 100-650 AD. »


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