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‘There was no help!’ – Drone footage shows whole residential areas flooded in Trikala as local river bursts banks following Storm Daniel

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« Entire residential areas of Trikala were flooded after the Lithaios river which runs through the city burst its banks, as seen in dramatic aerial footage on Thursday.
« The storm began yesterday morning and until the night the water had reached up to the knees, » said one resident. « We were not in immediate danger because our house was built high off the ground. But the neighbours in the house next door were forced to leave because their house was almost [built] flat to the earth and they were in danger. »
« There was no help, anywhere from the state, » he claimed. « Luckily we had our own pumps and pumped the water out of the house. »
The drone footage shows the extent of the flooding throughout the city, with roads completely submerged. A lorry can also be seen unloading rubble to help with flood defences.
Up to three people were confirmed dead and four more missing across central Greece, according to the fire brigade, as the region was hit by torrential rains and flooding brought by Storm Daniel. »

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