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Turkey, Algeria Foreign Ministers discuss bilateral relations in Ankara

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« Turkish Foreing Minister Fidan Hakan held a joint press conferece with his Algerian counterpart Ahmed Attaf as both leaders met in Ankara on Thursday to discuss bilateral ties.
« Turkey-Algeria relations have evolved to a strategic level. Especially as a result of the leaders’ diplomacy, the vision and strategic framework that emerged within the framework of diplomacy, dialogue and intensive work put forward by our presidents has been an important factor in determining the shape and course of our work », said Fidan.
Attaf, for his part, mentioned that both countries are steadily progressing toward achieving joint objectives, particularly those aimed at increasing trade turnover to $10 billion (around €9.33 billion), and he highlighted that ‘Algeria has become Turkey’s second biggest trade partner in Africa’.
Fidan and Attaf jointly led the second meeting of the Joint Planning Group, established to monitor the results and progress of the Turkey-Algeria High-Level Cooperation Council, which convened in Turkey in 2022. »

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