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‘What’s new in this?’ – New Delhi residents reflect opinion division amid proposition on India’s official name change to Bharat

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« New Delhi residents reacted on Wednesday to the news that the Modi government plans to bring a resolution in parliament in order to change India’s official name to Bharat.
« The name ‘India’ was given by the British. We were born in Bharat so our country Bharat should be named Bharat, » Anjali Sharma, a law student argued.
An ex-serviceman, Ravi, echoed her sentiments, explaining: « I don’t think so there is any controversy, this is something that should have been done very very long ago when India got independence and that’s the time it should have been renamed as the original vedic name and historical name of Bharat. »
In his turn, Congress party worker Abhisheikh Mishra claimed both Bharat and India to be ‘constitutional terms which have been in existence since the time of Indian independence’.
« What is the need to change the country name now? What is there to welcome or to oppose it India will be India and Bharat will be Bharat. What’s new in this? » he concluded
The Narendra Modi-led government is expected to bring about a resolution for changing India’s official name to ‘Bharat’ during the special session of Parliament, scheduled for September 18 – 22.
Controversy arose during the gala dinner of G20 leaders when President Droupadi Murmu used ‘President of Bharat’ instead of the traditional ‘President of India’ to present Narendra Modi. »

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