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At least 20 injured after clashes between Fatah, Islamists resume in Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp

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« Clashes broke out on Thursday night between Fatah and Islamist groups in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain El-Hilweh in Southern Lebanon.
Footage shows ambulances at the scene as well as scores of people waiting for assistance and paramedics treating those injured.
« If this situation persists and we don’t receive in-kind assistance and food aid, we won’t be able to last for two more days, » said Ibrahim Nadir, a member of al-Mossali Mosque Committee. « So far we’ve only been able to deliver water and bread to people. »
There were no immediate reports of any fatalities during the fighting.
« Following the recent clashes in Ain al-Hilweh camp, residents fled the camp, » added Fadi Shamieh from the Onsur relief organisation. « People, mostly women and children, need to be supplied with medicine and baby milk. We act urgently, now. »
Earlier this year, days of clashes took place between Fatah – the movement of Palestine’s President Mahmoud Abbas – and Islamist groups, leaving around 13 people dead. Fatah blamed the groups for killing one of its own generals in July.
The camp is home to more than 54,000 registered Palestinian refugees, who have been joined in recent years by thousands fleeing Syria’s civil war. »

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