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Breaking new ground! Saint Petersburg artist unleashes creativity through breakdancing

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« Nikolai Vladimirov, a talented artist from Saint Petersburg, showcased his extraordinary method of creating visual art through breakdancing. In a captivating video filmed on August 24th, Vladimirov could be seen applying paint to a canvas and then elegantly dancing on it while classical music plays in the background.

Vladimirov embarked on his pioneering journey of freestyle art approximately 16 years ago. His inspiration to merge dancing and painting arose from a desire to introduce a fresh style to the world and discover his true purpose within the realm of art.

« I do what I want and keep moving, and I somehow transfer my vision onto the canvas, my inner experiences, emotions of some kind, I go into a kind of trance, through which, just through motion, I transfer my inner projection, my projection of this very moment we are in, onto the canvas, » he said.

Vladimirov admitted that he never knew in advance what the final artwork would look like. Each stroke and colour choice is an organic depiction of his current state of mind.

« I pick a colour, for example, and feel that I don’t like this colour, it’s not the time to use it, I pick another colour and make some movements and then I know that yes, that’s the way it should be. And no one can tell me how to move, what to do because I know that this is my moment, my life, my motion, this is my line, this is my art, » he emphasised.

Vladimirov has accumulated a collection of several dozen paintings, all created using his unique « art through breakdance » technique. Some of his remarkable works are displayed at one of St. Petersburg’s largest private contemporary art galleries.


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