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Deadly shooting in Muea leaves three killed, two vehicles burnt

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« A deadly assault allegedly carried out by armed militants in Cameroon’s southwest region resulted in the deaths of at least three individuals and the destruction of two vehicles in Muea on Thursday.
Footage recorded in the aftermath of the assault features covered bodies being placed onto a truck, as well as fully burnt vehicles and their charred remains. Residents gathered around the vehicles, while others assisted in removing burnt car parts from the scene.
« I didn’t know there were burnt bodies in the car, it’s only now that I realize. When I see this situation I am sad, I am not happy, but I leave everything in the hands of God », said a local.
According to local repors, the assault may be linked to separatist groups operating in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon, which have reportedly been striving to establish an independent state called Ambazonia.
Separatists actions have allegedly led to a series of attacks, abductions, and fatalities, primarily concentrated in the North West and South West regions. »

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