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Dozens injured as flooding hits Hong Kong after heaviest rain fall in 140 years causes flash flooding

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« Over 100 people were reportedly hospitalised after Hong Kong alongside several other cities in South China were hit by flash flooding after the heaviest rainfall in 140 years.
Footage filmed on Friday shows submerged metro stations, flooded streets and rescuers working in an attempt to contain the water.
Schools remained closed while workers were told to stay home due to the extreme weather, with authorities issuing warnings of landslides in some areas.
The city’s weather agency reported 158.1 millimetres of rainfall per hour as of midnight, the highest on record since the start of recordings in 1884. Residents were warned by the service issuing the highest rainstorm warning.
According to the Hong Kong Observatory, the latest torrential rain was brought by a remnant of typhoon Haikui which hit China on Tuesday. »


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