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Germany hosts first-ever Invictus Games with ‘A Home for Respect’ theme

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« Mitko Muller, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence for the Air Force, conveyed his profound satisfaction and pride in Germany’s privilege of hosting the Invictus Games for the first time in 2023, during a press conference on Friday.
“We are very pleased to be able to host this extraordinary sporting event together with the city of Dusseldorf from September 9 to 16. The Invictus Games will be held for the first time in Germany, under the motto ‘A Home for Respect,’” he said
“We aim to mind and spirit of giving wounded bodies and injured or sick soldiers, but also members of Blue Light organizations, greater awareness and recognition in society. We expect more than 500 competitors from 21 nations, who will compete in 10 sports disciplines; but, at the same time, attention will also focus on the family and friends who support with great energy this path of rehabilitation, often very long and very difficult,” he added..
Muller also announced during the press conference that Boeing company, has pledged its support for the Invictus Games. He emphasised, “the income we generate from sponsorship, merchandising or ticketing can be used proportionately to relieve the burden on the defence budget and cover costs.”
He added that the Federal Minister and the patron and initiator of the games Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex will be present at the event and underlined “the importance of this event and reflects exactly what the Invictus Games represent: recognition, interest and appreciation for the disabled in uniform.”
During the press conference, the Spokesman of the Ministry of Economics and Climate, Stephan Gabriel Haufe, commented on the clarification of the ownership of the PCK refineries in Schwedt.
“They know the background that a Russian company has previously had a large and relevant shareholding, and the Federal Network Agency continues to hold this shareholding as a trusted distributor, so we secure this existence,” Haufe said.
The prestigious sporting event will encompass a variety of disciplines, including wheelchair basketball, cycling, and sitting volleyball.
The Invictus Games were initially established by Prince Harry in 2014, who himself served as a soldier in Afghanistan. These games hold a special significance as they provide a platform for soldiers, police officers, and rescue workers who have been injured or traumatised in the line of duty to showcase their resilience and determination through sportsmanship. »


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