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Home, sweet… bus! Father-daughter duo craft dream mobile homes in Buenos Aires

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« A remarkable father-daughter team have captured the attention with their extraordinary talent for transforming buses into luxurious mobile homes in Buenos Aires.
Footage taken on Friday shows the dynamic father-daughter duo working together in their workshop called GIGI Motor Home.
“The truth is that we get along very well. If there is a generational difference, I am very into marketing and social networks and he is more of the hard, the catalogue, the product,” Ailin said.
Ailin, who initially assisted her father in the workshop, quickly found herself captivated by the art of carpentry. As she honed her skills, she branched out into various other fields, including plumbing, electrical work, and mechanics, surprising even herself with her newfound abilities.
According to them, the first motorhome that Luis and his daughter Ailin prepared was the one used by Robert De Niro when he came to the country to film a series. Today they have 30 million views on TikTok.
“I think I always had many dreams and many expectations regarding GIGI Motor Home, my venture and what we could achieve, but Robert de Niro within a Motor Home never occurred to me, let alone that was the first one we did and that for us has more symbolic value,” Ailin said.
“One day, I woke up in the morning and all my followers asked me: Is this your Home engine? They sent me photos, and of course, it was in a film set that was being used in the series Nada, in which Robert de Niro was recording,” Ailin added.
GIGI Motor Home has quickly gained renown for its versatility. The Lescano duo specialises in the art of transforming not just buses but also vans of various sizes into mobile homes.
“We transform the buses into mobile homes, they can be done on vans, bus buses like this one, long-distance buses, » Luis explained.
Luis, who once contemplated a career as an engineer or architect, decided to follow his heart into construction work. Together with his daughter, he takes pride in their ability to transform any vehicle into a motorised mobile home.
He added that he is self-taught in this field and reflected on the possibility that he might have pursued a career as an engineer or architect, but instead, he chose to become a construction worker. »


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