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Just brew it! Brewers taste Oktoberfest beers ahead of upcoming festival in Munich

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« Beer companies organised a beer-tasting ceremony in Munich on Thursday, eight days ahead of Oktoberfest.
All six Munich breweries, united in the Munich Breweries Association, invited people to the Max Emanuel Brewery to taste their meadow beers and vote for the best one.
Andreas Steinfatt, Chairman of the Munich Breweries Association and head of Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr Brewery said that he tasted the six Munich Oktoberfest beers and each one tasted different, even though basically only water, malt, yeast and hops were used.
The chairman of the Munich Breweries Association also complained about increasing energy costs and its effect on the beer prices
« Brewing means cooking and brewing beer means high energy costs. It starts with the malt, because the malt has to be kilned and roasted, and of course, you need a lot of energy, so gas is usually kilned here. This means high raw material costs, and of course, the brewing process also requires gas and electricity. We are simply burdened with higher costs this year. »
« And there were price increases this year too, which were unfortunately necessary. Because otherwise we simply won’t be able to powder it off anymore, » he added
According to Anja Berger, a city councillor who attended the brewery ceremony, there is a great desire for Oktoberfest among people.
« There’s so much desire for the Oktoberfest, for the feeling of life, for leaving the problems behind, for really enjoying it. I think everyone is trying to save up for it, or really say, let’s treat ourselves to the evening, » she said.
The Oktoberfest festival will take place for 16 days from September 16 to October 3 and is expected to attract millions of tourists. »


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