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Medical staff rally for enhanced financing for outpatient care in Berlin

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« Medical and dental practice staff gathered in a protest in Berlin on Friday to voice their concerns against the federal government’s health policy and to urge for guaranteed financing of nationwide outpatient medical and dental standard care.
Footage features demonstrators holding banners reading messages such as ‘This is how our healthcare system will look like soon’ or ‘Germany will be toothless’ near the German capital’s Brandenburg Gate.
« Everybody who works has a claim on payment. A doctor, a dental doctor. Also, many depend on those payments, practice employees, and laboratory expenses. There are lots of people who rely on doctors’ compensation. Therefore it is important that payments be made fully. So that it does not happen that after the service was provided, we will get the response that due to insufficient funds, we won’t be able to compensate you. That is why we are demonstrating here so that our services will be paid for », said a protester.
Stephan Pilsinger, Member of the German Parliament for the Christian Social Union party, addressed protesters at the rally, vowing to ‘press really hard in the next weeks and months so that finally something will change’.
According to local media, medical and dental assistants reject Health Minister Karl Lauterbach’s reform plans, which include austerity measures that would reportedly affect 300,000 professionals in the sector. »

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