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‘No room for any external interference’- MOFA spox responds to reports India’s military considering options for potential China-Taiwan war

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« Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Mao Ning stated the ‘Taiwan question’ was ‘China’s internal affair’ when asked about media reports that India’s military was considering options for a potential war between Beijing and Taipei, during a briefing in the capital on Friday.
« Taiwan is a part of China, and the Taiwan issue is China’s internal affair. It is a matter of the Chinese people themselves how to resolve the Taiwan issue, and there is no room for any external interference, » she said.
According to the Bloomberg media outlet, India’s defence chief had conducted a study of several options, following inquiries from the United States.
« It is very dangerous for the United States to hype the Taiwan issue on various occasions, create tension, incite confrontation, and attempt to promote the internationalisation of the Taiwan issue, » added Mao Ning.
She also touched on this weekend’s G20 in India, saying that the organisation ‘should focus on its responsibilities, strengthen the co-ordination of macroeconomic policies, and promote the development of the world economy’. The meeting is attended by Premier Li Qiang.
Meanwhile the spokesperson also praised the ‘high level’ of relations with Russia and confirmed that Vice Premier Zhang Guoqing would be attending the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok next week
“Under the strategic guidance of Xi Jinping and President Putin, Sino-Russian relations have maintained a high level of operation, and co-operation in various fields has been steadily advanced, » she said.
« Vice Premier Zhang Guoqing will go to Russia to attend relevant activities under the framework of the Oriental (Eastern) Economic Forum and meet with relevant Russian leaders, » she continued.
She added that ‘China looks forward to working with Russia’ to implement the goals of the two leaders, ‘deepen co-operation’ in the Northeast and Far East, and ‘jointly promote the development of the region’.
The EEF takes place in Russia on September 10-13.
The spokesperson also welcomed the resolution passed by the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Arab League backing China’s Belt and Road investment initiative.
« This is the 43rd consecutive time that the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Arab League has specifically adopted a China-related friendship resolution, and China highly appreciates it, » she said.


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