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Rice you to the finish! Chinese farmers create paddy art tributes for 18th Asian Games

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« Eye-catching rice paddy art, celebrating the 19th Asian Games, was spotted in Hemudu town in Chinese Ningbo city on Friday.
Drone footage captured the emblem of the Hangzhou 19th Asian Games, « Tide, » prominently displayed at the top of the rice paddies. In the centre, the message reads, « Passion for the Asian Games, you and me cheering. » Particularly striking are the Asian Games mascots, « William, » « Lian Lian, » and « Chen Chen. »
The Hemudu Agricultural Bureau created this design, which was planted in July 2023 and covers an area of about 35 hectares.
« Today happens to be the White Dew Festival, and today also happens to be the torch relay ceremony of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, » said Zhao, one of the local farmers and participants.
The Asian Games is the country’s largest international multi-sport event, featuring even more athletes than the Olympics, with a staggering 12,417 registered participants. For comparison, the Tokyo Olympics two years ago involved 11,000 athletes, and the upcoming Paris Olympics will see 10,500 competitors. »


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