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Submerged streets, cars as torrential rains bring heavy flooding in Kardista, resulting in deaths and evacuations

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« Footage filmed on Friday features heavily-flooded areas including cars, trees, trash bins in Kardista following torrential rains.
As of Thursday, a minimum of six individuals have reportedly lost their lives, and over six others remain unaccounted for following the passage of storm Daniel through central Greece. This powerful storm has caused landslides, obliterated roads and bridges, and swept away numerous vehicles.
« Since last night, water has started coming. This morning the basement and ground floor apartments were flooded. Most residents here in the area have a problem. Shops have been flooded and have extensive damage. I hope the water doesn’t rise any higher and the damage stays there. I feel disappointed and hope to god no more damage is done, » said Thanos, a local.
Due to the torrential rains that swept through Karditsa, a regional unit in central Greece, and neighbouring areas over the past 48 hours, residents in various municipalities reportedly found themselves forced to seek refuge on the rooftops of their homes on Thursday morning to escape the rising floodwaters that had accumulated in the low-lying areas.
270 people were airlifted to safety on Thursday and Friday, while rescues by air and by boat continued, according to the coast guard. »


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