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‘Super anxious!’ – Argentine fans relieved but confident as World Cup champions beat Ecuador in opening 2026 qualifier

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« Argentinian football supporters left Monumental stadium on Thursday evening after watching their team snatch victory in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers against Ecuador.
The South American side clinched their success against Ecuador thanks to a free kick by captain Lionel Messi in the 77th minute.
At the end of the game, the fans expressed all their anxiety, but despite the tension, they confessed to feeling very confident in Argentina’s rhythm and pace.
« The truth is that I has a terrible euphoria, I was super excited, super anxious but the security that the team transmits to you is impressive, I felt that we were going to win despite the game was half locked, I felt that we were going to win », said Lara Benavidez, who was leaving the stadium with her family.
« I see the team as spectacular, the classification will be very easy, but after calm down, we have just come out as world champions, they will have to be relaxed », declared Ivan Pizarenk after the game.
Next Tuesday, Argentina will visit Bolivia at the height of La Paz and Ecuador will receive Uruguay in Quito. »

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