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‘That will bring comfort’ – Chile launches national search plan for citizens who disappeared during Pinochet dictatorship

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« As Chile conmemorates the anniversary of the the coup that established the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in 1973, the government launched the first national search plan to retrieve the bodies of citizens disappeared during this period.
Footage recorded in Santiago on Wednesday shows different exhibitions of pictures of the Pinochet dictatorship period. La Moneda presidential palace and at the National stadium displayed the photographies ahead of September 11, the date that marks the coup anniversary.
I celebrate President Boric’s search plan. I celebrate it because it is a state measure, it is the eternal commitment Chile should have to find its children, because they are its children! Those who are missing are Chileans, they are people like us, how can (the government) abandon them? How can they neglect them? », said lawyer Nelson Caucoto.
« I believe that the truth about what happened in Chile is disseminated throughout this country. In the Chilean society there is a lot of information, and we have to deliver that information so that we can find out where they are, what happened. That will bring comfort », he added.
« It is important to remember, and to remember in this way. I have told all my comrades now, hey, let’s stay alive, we have to move on! Why? Because That’s the way to show that we won, we didn’t lose – being alive, enjoying, living, remembering », said Sergio Silva Cadiz, who was once imprisoned by Pinochet regime.
The goal of the National Search Plan is to clarify the circumstances of the disappearance and/or death of 1,469 missing citizens. So far, only 307 have been found and identified.
The plan was initiated during the first year of President Boric’s government and has an initial participatory component. For the preparation stage, 67 meetings were held throughout the country with the participation of 775 citizens, in addition to 4,000 attending seminars and meetings with authorities. »


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