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‘Very concerned about the future of my children and grandchildren’ – Environmentalists hold presser in front of German Chancellery

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« A group of activists and scientists from the Last Generation climate action group held a presser in front of the German Chancellery in Berlin on Friday, ahead of the upcoming September 13 demonstration in the German capital.
Professor Nikolaus Froitzheim, a geology expert from the University of Bonn, shared his climate change concerns during the event.
“I am sitting here in Berlin today in front of the Chancellery because I am very concerned about the future of my children and grandchildren and the future of all young people because, from March of this year 2023, the earth’s climate system has heated up again at an accelerated rate. We are currently experiencing an acceleration that is absolutely shocking for us scientists,” he said.
“Our politicians consistently refuse to recognise physical reality. This is about a denial of reality that was and is driving people like me to despair,” he added.
Chiara Hinrichs, a Last Generation activist, voiced her worries about the German government’s investment in the fossil fuel industry.
“Germany is still investing billions every year in the expansion of fossil fuels. The tenth expansion of renewable energy sources has been delayed and Mr Scholz isn’t tackling it properly either. I’m honestly thinking something is going fundamentally wrong here in 2023,” she stated.
In recent months, Last Generation called for a permanent nine-euro ticket for local public transport and the implementation of a speed limit on German motorways.
The group is also famous for its direct action, including blocking roads and throwing paint at buildings.
The government says it is taking action, with a plan to phase out gas and oil heating systems and a 212-billion euro climate and transformation fund to accelerate the green transition. »


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