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Detroit Lions upset Kansas City Chiefs at 2023 NFL season kickoff game

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« The 2023 National Football League (NFL) season kicked off in Kansas City, in the US state of Missouri, on Thursday, with the Detroit Lions’ victory over Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs.
Footage shows fans of both teams gathered outside the Arrowhead Stadium ahead of the game. Fans could be seen commenting on the match, trying to predict the score and later walking to stadium for the game.
« I’m looking for Jahmyr Gibbs and Sam LaPorta, the new tight end we drafted in this second round, I think. I mean, I think he’s a stud, you know, he will get some targets I think he might get a touchdown or two », said a fan of Detroit Lions ahead of the game.
« I think it’ll be a good season. Do you want a score? You want a score? For today? 32 Chiefs, Lions 28″, a fan of Kansas City Chiefs placed his bet.
Detroit Lions defeated the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chief 21-20 at the Arrowhead Stadium in 2023 season opener on Thursday night. »

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