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Drone footage shows floods in aftermath of torrential rains in central Greece

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« Footage filmed on Thursday shows submerged areas, cars, houses and lands following torrential rains in Thessaly, on Friday.
For the past four days, relentless downpours of catastrophic rainfall have pounded the central Greek region of Thessalia, resulting in landslides, the collapse of roads and bridges, and the disruption of water supplies.
According to media reports, at least ten people have been reported killed, other six remain missing in the aftermath of Storm Daniel’s passage through central Greece.
The Greek authorities have issued push notifications to residents in Thessaly, located 185 miles (300 km) north of Athens, advising against travel until the floodwaters recede. According to Vassilis Kikilias, the Minister of Civil Protection and Climate Crisis, at least 64 individuals were marooned in various villages near Karditsa. The port city of Volos experienced flooding after receiving a year’s worth of rainfall just 24 hours earlier in the week.
The coast guard reported that 270 individuals were airlifted to safety on Thursday and Friday, and rescue operations by both air and boat were ongoing. »


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