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Earthquake death toll jumps to 822, at least 672 injured – Moroccan Interior Ministry spox

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« The death toll has risen to a staggering 820 by 10 am local time (9 am GMT) on Saturday, in a devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked various regions and provinces of Morocco on Friday night. Additionally, there are 672 reported injuries, with 205 individuals in critical condition.
“In this context, 394 deaths were recorded in the Al Haouz Province, 271 deaths in the Taroudant Province, 91 deaths in the Chichaoua Province, 31 deaths in the Ouarzazate Province, 13 deaths in the Marrakesh Province, 11 deaths in the Azilal Province, 5 deaths in the Agadir Idaoutnan Province, 3 deaths in Greater Casablanca, and one death in Yusufiyah Province,” stated Rachid El Khalfi, Secretary General of the Directorate of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Interior.
In the face of this immense tragedy, Morocco has united. The Royal Armed Forces, local authorities, security forces, civil protection teams, and healthcare facilities have joined hands to provide crucial assistance to the victims. Their work is focused on caring for the injured and mobilising all available resources to address the far-reaching effects of this heart-breaking disaster, with the goal of alleviating the suffering of the affected citizens.
According to the National Center for Scientific and Technical Research in Rabat, the earthquake’s epicenter is in the Al-Haouz region, southwest of the popular tourist city of Marrakech. »

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