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Lye down as long as you can! Montenegrins compete in the ‘Laziest Citizen’ contest in Brezna

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« Participants were seen competing in the 12th edition of the ‘Lazy Olympics’ in the Ethno Village of Brezna, a holiday resort in northern Montenegro, on Friday.
Footage shows seven competitors from across the region lying down and eating on mats inside a hut on the 21th day of the ‘Laziest Citizen’ contest. Contestants gathered to determine who could excel in the art of doing nothing – or competitive lying down.
« Until this year, the record for lying down was 118 hours, but this year, the contestants trained well and prepared well, and this morning at 6 o’clock, we exceeded 500 hours of lying down. Surely no one expected this, probably not even the competitors themselves, I think they surprised themselves and us, of course, » said Boris, one of the hosts of the Ethno Village.
« It appears that it will continue forever, and some of them say they will welcome the New Year here, so let’s see if that will happen, » he added.
Ultimate relaxation promised a large reward: a €300 prize and the esteemed title of ‘idle champion’. Last year’s winner, Dubravka, was also back to see off any newcomers.
« I am the 2021 champion in lying down! I assumed we would lie down longer than in 2021 when the record was 117 hours, but I didn’t expect this much… It’s interesting for us, we’re having a great time, we’re not missing anything. We only have to lie down and enjoy. I hope it will end as soon as possible, but we will see – time will tell, » told Dubravka.
According to the peculiar rules, participants must remain horizontal at all times, with disqualification looming for anyone daring to stand up. A toilet break every eight hours was the only exception.
« I didn’t expect to get here, I planned by 1 September that everything would be finished. When I’ve already reached here, I have no intention of giving up because I enjoy this like a true Montenegrin, » commented Filip, another participant.
The Adriatic country kicked off its traditional contest on August 18 to decide the country’s « laziest citizen ». The competition was launched 12 years ago to mock a popular myth that labels Montenegrins as lazy. »


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