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Spanish teachers rally for better public education, against privatisation in Madrid

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« Spanish teachers rally for better public education, against privatisation in Madrid
Hundreds of teachers marched through the streets of the Spanish capital on Saturday, protesting against the privatisation of public education and better working conditions.
“We are here defending public education, it is a very important public service. It is true warranty of equality of conditions between different social sectors. Public education is a true social elevator, the only one that allows the most disadvantaged people to progress socially. And we find a political movement that goes in the opposite direction here in Madrid, that supports concerted and private education to the detriment of public education, which will be left for people with fewer resources”, said one of the protesters.
“We are starting the courses in Madrid and as always, with a shortage of teachers, with classrooms full of students. There is a lack of media, there is a lack of institutes, there is a lack of cabbages. There are many construction booths, many barracks where the kids are thought, and we cannot allow it one more year. », stated another protester.
The march, which started at the Neptune fountain, went around the centre of Madrid and ended in front of the Cibeles palace.
Protesters carried placards and banners displayed by the demonstrators reading ‘Public education, neither bought, nor sold, It is to be defended’, ‘More teachers and more doctors!’, and ‘More investment to the public school’, among others and chanted slogans denouncing privatisation.
The Spanish government’s public spending in the educational sector has been repeatedly criticised during similar events throughout the year. »

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