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UN’s Guterres calls on G20 to quit ‘half-measures’ and ‘show leadership’ against climate change

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« The United Nations’ Secretary General Antonio Guterres called on G20 countries to quit ‘half-measures’ and ‘show leadership’ in the fight against climate change during a presser in New Delhi on Friday, ahead of the beginning of the summit in the Indian capital.
During his speech, Guterres highlighted several urgent issues such as climate change, but also the fight against poverty globally.
« The climate crisis is worsening dramatically but the collective response is lacking in ambition, crediblity and urgency », Guterres said. « I’ve come to the G20 with a single but urgent appeal: we cannot go on like this. We must come together and act together for the common good », he added.
Guterres said G20 countries ‘must show leadership’ in the fight against climate change. « The climate crisis is spiraling out of control, but G20 countries are in control. Together, G20 countries are responsible for 80 percent of global emissions. Half-measures will not prevent full climate breakdown », he explained.
Leaders of G20 member states are set to discuss global issues and cooperation in a wide range of areas, as well as the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, climate change and energy security during the summit taking place in New Delhi. The United Nations will attend the summit as a guest. »

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