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‘Everyone has free will’ – LGBTQ+ rally met with counter-protest in Belgrade

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« Hundreds of Pride activists gathered in the streets of Belgrade amid a heavy police presence, as they were met with counter-protest on Saturday.
The footage features protesters holding crosses, pictures of Jesus Christ as well as banners. LGBTQ+ activists could also be seen rallying and holding banners reading « Stand up for your rights », « Capitalism kills » and « Class conflict ». Riot police were seen blocking off central Belgrade.
« It doesn’t need to be repeated, it seems idiosyncratic, but it is a deep truth that the World was created for a man and a woman, not for two men or two women. It is known that many worse things flow from this, paedophilia, sodomy and who knows what would be waiting for us where Humanity is going. I think those who are not godly should be concerned in the same way. » said Gordana Isidora Ivetic, an artist.
The Pride event organisers described it as the largest march ever held in traditionally conservative Christian Orthodox Serbia.
« Everyone has free will, but they impose this, propagate it. This means that they didn’t just stop taking a walk as they wanted from 2010 onwards, but from year to year, it all slowly comes to textbooks, kindergartens, and monasteries. So they simply don’t stop, they have become stronger », a protester, holding a Christian icon, said.
During a similar event that took place last year, at least 21 individuals were reportedly arrested for their participation in attacks on law enforcement. The majority of those arrested were believed to be far-right hooligans who were protesting against the pan-European LGBT pride march. »

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