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Kite runners! Colourful kites delight people in Sydney’s Festival of Winds

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« Professional kite flyers and kite enthusiasts gather to fly dozens of kites at Bondi Beach during Australia’s largest kite festival, the Festival of the Winds, which takes place on Sundays in Sydney.
Footage shows people people enjoying themselves as they fly kites of various sizes and shapes.
Trent, who travelled from New Zealand to Sydney, brought along some giant kites to the beach.
“At the very top, we have a grey-looking kite, similar to the yellow kite and a few other kites you see. They are very square-like, and these are called pilot-kite. These create a significant amount of lift for our kites to fly off,” he said.
The event not only drew kite flyers but also
“This is the first time I have come to the festival ever. We didn’t actually know it was on today, so we just came down here and here we are,” said Oli, a visitor.
“The kites, these ones are amazing. I have never seen anything like it. Big, unbelievable, very impressed,” he added.
The Festival of the Winds originated in 1978, when a passionate group of wind energy enthusiasts organised a kite festival on Bondi Beach. This festival has since become one of the largest and most beloved kite-flying events in the world. »


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