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Marrakech slowly returns to life as death toll in devastating earthquake rises to over 2,000

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« After a 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit Morocco late Friday night, killing and injuring thousands of people, residents of Marrakesh were seen slowly returning to normal life on Sunday.
Footage shows severely damaged buildings and alleys in the old city of Marrakesh.
Historical buildings and landmarks in the city were seriously affected in a disaster, prompting residents to flee their homes in terror and seek safety in the streets.
The recent earthquake that struck Morocco on Friday night with a magnitude of 6.8, centred in the Al Haouz region, caused significant damage and resulting in at least 2,012 deaths and 2,059 injuries according to the Ministry of Interior.
King Mohammed VI of Morocco announced on Saturday evening a national mourning period of three days for the victims of the devastating earthquake and ordered the acceleration of rescue operations.
More than half of the victims were counted in the mountainous region of Al Haouz region, south of Marrakech. »


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