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‘Veterans go out and compete with their whole hearts’ – Invictus Games kick off in Dusseldorf

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« The opening ceremony of the Invictus Games, an international multi-sports competition for former servicemen and -women who have suffered injuries and trauma during war, opened its doors in Dusseldorf on Saturday for the first time.
Participants and fans expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity for veterans from around the world to come together, share their experiences, and compete in various sports disciplines.
« I think this is an amazing opportunity for troops from around the world to gather and have the ability to you know, talk about common things that they’ve experienced that are unique to them and also have the opportunity to compete, » said Jonathan, a visitor and veteran’s son from the US.
« The most exciting part is the competition. I’m a former athlete myself. And so I want to see the veterans go out and compete with their whole hearts and see the individuals truly get the feeling of the competition of the victors, » he added.
Initiated in 2014 by Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, the Invictus Games are being hosted in Germany in 2023 by the German Armed Forces and the city of Dusseldorf.
Dubbed ‘A Home for Respect’, the sixth Invictus Games will see approximately 500 competitors from 21 nations, along with 1,000 family members and friends, take part in ten different sports disciplines. »


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