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‘We’re right to be angry’- Anti-government protesters in Thessaloniki slam crisis response following deadly floods

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« Hundreds of anti-government protesters marched in Thessaloniki on Saturday, and used the occasion to criticise the state’s crisis response following deadly floods in central Greece.
« We are right to be angry, because we, the hundreds of students from Thessaly, did not expect that within twenty-four hours we would search for our own people and families for whole days; that we would see our cities and villages under water, while we still count the victims of this catastrophe, » said an activist from Thessaly.
The Greek government deployed helicopters and boats to rescue hundreds of victims who had been left stranded by the floods which have killed at least 10 people. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis vowed support for residents in affected areas.
More that a year’s worth of rainfall came down in central Greece within 24 hours destroying numerous buildings and infrastructure, while satellite imagery showed vast swathes of the country’s fertile areas submerged in silt. The floods followed massive wildfires and the country’s hottest summer on record. »

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