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‘Amazing and exciting’ – Fans react to Germany vs Serbia FIBA World Cup Final in Manila

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« Thousands of fans gathered at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila to watch the FIBA World Cup Final match between Serbia and Germany as well as reacted to its result, on Sunday.
« Germany will win for sure. Why? Because we have the better team, we fight stronger, we’re a great team not only individual players. And we will win, » said Aaron, a fan from Germany.
Germany achieved a historic milestone, securing their first-ever world championship title by defeating Serbia 83-77 in the final match of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023.
Mark, a fan from the Philippines, said that the issue with the United States’ team lies in their preference for individual play, unlike Canada, where there is a strong sense of ‘chemistry’ and ‘teamwork’. He pointed out that on an individual level, the United States may excel, but when it comes to playing as a cohesive team, they seem to lack the necessary chemistry.
During the Third-Place Game, Canada secured their inaugural World Cup medal by defeating the USA with a thrilling overtime victory of 127-118. Dillon Brooks played a pivotal role, scoring 39 points for Canada. The USA, despite Mikal Bridges’ last-second three-pointer to force overtime, left the World Cup without any medals for the second consecutive event. »


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