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Flooded streets, damaged asphalt as torrential rains bring flooding in China’s Xi’an

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« Footage filmed on Monday shows flooded streets, roads and damaged asphalt as torrential rains have caused flooding in the city of Xi’an.
At 11:00 am local time (03:00 GMT) on Monday, the Xi’an Meteorological Observatory issued an orange rainstorm warning signal. Currently, the Baqiao District in Xi’an City has reportedly experienced precipitation exceeding 20 mm, with rainfall ongoing.
Anticipated weather conditions suggest that within the next 3 hours, Beilin District, Yanta District, and Baqiao District will continue to experience rainfall exceeding 50 mm, qualifying as heavy rain (orange alert).
According to state media reports, in the rural county of Bobai in the Guangxi region, rescue teams aboard assault boats have been working since Sunday night to rescue stranded residents from low-rise homes. The water levels have reportedly risen to over 2 meters (6.6 feet), leaving people in need of urgent assistance. »

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