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German FM Baerbock meets Ukrainian Pres Zelensky during visit to Kiev

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« German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during her visit to Kiev on Monday.
« We already had a good discussion with Foreign Ministry and especially the visit to the electricity site was of high importance for us. We understood there how much more support for this kind of long term protective measures you need, » said Baerbock.
In his turn, Zelensky expressed his gratitude to Berlin for the ‘huge military package supporting Kiev on the battlefield and Ukrainian budget’.
« Our appreciation for your air defence support and the long package for a long time 8.8 billion euros. Thank you very much. Thank Chancellor (Olaf Scholz ) from me, best regards to him and to his team and of course to your people, » Zelensky said.
On the same day Ukrainian President wrote in his Telegram channel he and Baerbock ‘discussed defence cooperation, the protection of civilian life in Ukraine, in particular, our energy sector, which remains a target for Russian terror’.
« We also discussed our European integration – progress in implementing the recommendations of the European Commission, » Zelensky added. »

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