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‘Hoping that there won’t be a hit’ – IAEA’s Grossi elaborates on Zaporozhye power plant in Vienna

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« Rafael Grossi, Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) expressed grave concerns about Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, announcing that ‘the agency goes day by day on Zaporozhye hoping that there won’t be a hit at the plant or that supply power supply line will not fall’, during a presser in Vienna on Monday.
“Regarding the military presence I would say is noticeable but it’s not growing so there are a few vehicles important in the context of the five basic principles that I set out at the United Nations Security Council, there is no heavy military equipment and this is what we are looking at we want to avoid at the plant becomes militarised or becomes the military base of sort, yeah,” Said Grossi.
Responding to a journalist’s question regarding Iran’s nuclear programme, Grossi stated that the assertion that they cannot confirm the sole peaceful nature of the nuclear program is grounded in the absence of clear explanations regarding the location of uranium traces.
“As long as we do not have clarifications on traces of uranium that must be somewhere and if it’s not anywhere, we would like to know what is the reason or equipment we cannot say that the Iranian declaration is completely comprehensive and correct we are not accusing them of anything we are asking the questions, they are the traces, therefore, there was a nuclear material. Where is the nuclear material? there were containers, and there was equipment inside, where is this equipment?” he explained.
He somewhere added that there are multiple aspects to consider. One is the effort to increase the number of verification and monitoring devices in agreement with Iran, even though it’s voluntary. Grossi stated that currently, there are more than two cameras installed, which is a positive step, but he believes that a higher number would be ideal. »


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