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‘I feel like the guy didn’t even try’- UFC middleweight champion Strickland following win over Adesanya in Sydney *EXPLICIT LANGUAGE*

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« UFC new middleweight champion Sean Strickland said that he felt like Israel Adesanya ‘didn’t even f*****g try’ during their UFC 293 fight, speaking at press conference in Sydney on Sunday.
« There were moments where he was throwing punches around, and I was like, ‘am I fighting an amateur right now?’ What is going on? » Strickland added.
UFC President Dana White also commented on Adesanya’s performance, mentioning that the fighter looked ‘bone-dry’ and very slow. He also said that he did not know if the former champion was hurt, but he didn’t see any sense of urgency to try to finish the fight.
« There are a million things that could go wrong. Some days you wake up and you’re just not there, man. It’s just not there, » White said.
During his brief remarks to the press, Israel Adesanya said that he had a different plan for his fight against Strickland and declared that he lost to the ‘better man on the night’.
« I just want to go and be with people who care about me, my team, and they’re waiting for me, so I’m going to do that, » the former champion added.
Strickland dropped Adesanya in the first round and took his middleweight crown via unanimous decision as all three judges scored it 49-46 for the American. »


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