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‘We don’t want the separatist pacts’ – Protest against proposed amnesty law for Catalan independence supporters

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« Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Cibeles Palace in Madrid on Sunday, to oppose a potential amnesty law that would pardon those who support Catalan independence.
Footage shows demonstrators chanting slogans like ‘Spain united, not divided,’ ‘Put Puigdemont in jail,’ and ‘Sanchez is a traitor.’ They also carried signs that read ‘Pedro, amnesty is unlawful, no matter how you phrase it’ and ‘Spain demands a referendum on amnesty.’
Carles Puigdemont, the leader of Junts per Catalunya (Together for Catalonia), called for an amnesty law to help Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez stay in power following his party’s poor performance in the July election.
“I believe in democracy and I believe that our politicians are destroying it right now, because I believe that Spain deserves a better government and because I believe that Spain is everything, from Catalonia to Asturias,” said Rosa, a demonstrator.
Calls have gone viral on social media urging people to protest at town halls across Spain to express their opposition to a potential Amnesty Law.
“We have demonstrated massively because we don’t want the separatist pacts and we don’t want to sell Spain for pieces,” said Mar, another demonstrator.
Since leading the unsuccessful campaign for Catalonia’s independence from Spain in 2017, Carles Puigdemont has been living in self-imposed exile in Belgium. »


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