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‘We urge the British to stop spreading false information’ – MOFA reacts to UK’s ‘Chinese spy’ claims

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« Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Mao Ning called on the UK to ‘stop spreading false information, after it emerged that a British Parliament researcher had been arrested for allegedly spying for China, during a press briefing on Monday.
« The so-called ‘Chinese espionage against Britain’ makes no sense, and the Chinese side firmly opposes it. We urge the British side to stop spreading false information and stop anti-China political manipulation and malicious slander, » the spokesperson commented.
« It is hoped that the British side will stop political hype, uphold the spirit of mutual respect and equal treatment, and promote the development of China-UK relations in a constructive manner, » she added.
Police in Britain reported that two men in their 20s and 30s – including the researcher – were arrested under the Official Secrets Act in March.
Mao Ning also said that the country’s position on Ukraine was ‘consistent and clear’, following a row over singer Wang Fan performing the Soviet song ‘Katyusha’, during a visit by a group of bloggers and influencers to Mariupol Drama Theatre.
« On the issue of Ukraine, China’s position is consistent and clear. We hope that all parties will commit themselves to a political solution to the crisis and jointly promote the relaxation of the situation, » stated the spokesperson.
The Ukrainian side described the group’s visit as ‘illegal’.
Meanwhile, in response to US President Joe Biden’s claim that China’s ‘difficult economic problem’ would have ‘the opposite’ effect on the country potentially invading Taiwan, Mao Ning stated that ‘Taiwan is China’s Taiwan, and the Taiwan issue is China’s internal affair’.
« [During the G20 Summit] President Biden said the United States hopes that China’s economy will continue to grow and will not stop its development, » she stated.
Beijing regards the island as part of its territory under the One China principle. »


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