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‘We will not recognise the results’ – German FM spox condemns ‘sham’ regional elections in Russia

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« German Foreign Ministry spokesperson Sebastian Fischer stated that Germany would not acknowledge the results of the regional elections in Russia, during a government press conference in Berlin on Monday.
« We will not recognise the results of such sham elections, nor Russia’s illegal annexation of parts of the Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia, Kherson and Crimea regions, » said Fischer.
« The public space in Russia is dominated by political censorship, propaganda and disinformation and many candidates who criticised government policy or even the Russian war of aggression were not even allowed to take part in the elections. For us, this means that the people in Russia did not have a free choice and voting is therefore not an expression of a real decision but only serves the Russian regime to confirm the existing balance of power, » he added.
During the press conference, other international matters were also discussed, including the recent G20 meeting and its distinctions from the United Nations.
 »It has been good news in New Delhi that the African Union has joined, and has already been there and taken part in the meetings. This also shows that the importance of the G20 cannot be overestimated because it is the central forum in which the countries of the Global South, the countries of Europe, North America and elsewhere can sit together and exchange ideas, » said Steffen Hebestreit, head of the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government.
Hebestreit went on to address concerns about the functionality of the United Nations, particularly the UN Security Council, in light of recent events.
« What we never tire of reading and complaining about is that the functionality of the United Nations, especially as far as the executive body – the UN Security Council – is concerned, that this functionality is not present at the moment. A UN Security Council member has launched a war of aggression against a neighbour that violates international law. And that shows that we also have to think about other forms, complementary forms, in addition to the United Nations, which is of course at the core. That doesn’t devalue anything, but it also has its justification, » he expressed.
The press conference also touched upon the earthquake in Morocco, with Germany offering assistance.
« We have offered help, we stand by these offers of help and if the Moroccan side decides to accept this offer, then we will deliver it, » noted Hebestreit.
A magnitude 6.8 earthquake centred in the Al Haouz region struck Morocco late Friday night, causing significant damage and resulting in 2,497 deaths, according to the official statement by the Ministry of Inferior.
Thousands more are injured and displaced after the deadliest earthquake to hit the country in a hundred years.
Buildings and historic landmarks in the city have suffered extensive damage, causing residents to flee their homes in terror and seek safety on the streets.
Search operations continue as help from foreign countries is offered. »


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