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Divine intervention! Shamans boost national team, damn Neymar with ritual ahead of Peru vs. Brazil World Cup qualifier

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« In a unique pre-match ritual, Peruvian shamans in Lima conducted a spiritual practice on Monday to ‘neutralize’ Brazilian players and boost the Peruvian team’s performance ahead of the South American World Cup qualifier match on Tuesday.
Donned in vibrant traditional woollen attire, ten indigenous shamans hailing from various regions of Peru gathered to invoke the blessings of ‘Tayta Inti’ (Father Sun) and perform incantations in support of the Peruvian national team, as seen in the footage.
« We carried spiritual help ritual for the Peruvian team. Different masters made an effort, came from the the coast, the mountains and the jungle, to do a ritual of spiritual help so that there is a good result for the Peruvian team », Alarcon added.
In a symbolic gesture, they employed a brown rag doll, which they placed over a photograph of Brazilian striker Neymar. They tied the doll’s left leg and placed a steel sword on its right, symbolizing their efforts to disrupt Neymar’s performance.
« For the Brazilian team, we have cut them short, we have made dolls at night after watching what type of clothes and attire each player likes, and we carried that ritual to neutralize any performance that they may have on the field, and so there is no understanding [among the team players] on the field, so that the match it is truncated and the result is not so negative for Peru, » Shaman Walter Alarcon explained.
During their spiritual rite, the shamans also placed thorn plants and seashells on the photographs of other Brazilian players, including Richarlison, Casemiro, and Fernando Diniz.
This unconventional spiritual preparation for the match drew attention as fans eagerly await the match outcome. The Peruvian team aims to secure a favourable result against the formidable Brazilian squad, led by star player Neymar, at next Wedesday’s game.
Brazil topped the pre-World Cup standings with 3 points and a goal difference of +4, followed closely by Uruguay and Argentina. Peru had one point after drawing with Paraguay in a previous match. »

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