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‘They will always want to eliminate us’ – Thousands march for Catalan independence in Barcelona

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« Thousands of pro-Catalan independence demonstrators took to the streets of Barcelona on Monday for a march to commemorate the region’s National Day.
Footage shows huge crowds of protesters waving the yellow, red and blue flags of the Catalan independence movement and chanting as they made their way to Placa d’Espanya.
Around 800,000 demonstrators participated in the march according to organisers, while local police claim 115,000 people took part.
« We protest today because it’s the 11th of September and it’s the day that the Catalans should go out to the street and ask for our independence, » a protester said.
A second protester hailed the influence of Junts leader Carlos Puigdemont, who went into self-imposed exile after contesting the 2017 regional election.
“The influence that Puigdemont can have should be the maximum possible because it’s the only way that the Spanish state could hear us or will hear us by force. In any other way, they will always want to eliminate us, » the demonstrator said.
The march in Barcelona comes as Spain’s two largest Catalan parties continue ongoing negotiations with acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to form a new government. »

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