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Thousands protest Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul outside Israeli Supreme Court ahead of crucial hearing

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« Thousands of Israeli demonstrators gathered outside the Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem on Monday, protesting against the Israeli government’s judicial reform plan.
The protest took place to support the Supreme Court a day before it began to hear appeals against the judicial overhaul of Netanyahu’s government, which eliminates the court’s power to block government actions and appointments on the basis of being « unreasonable. »
Footage shows protesters holding flags and signs and chanting slogans against the government.
An Israeli teacher said that « we came to Jerusalem to protest against the Israeli government that makes Israel a dictatorship and we came to give force to our judge for tomorrow’s hard decision, we will accept any decision they will make, but we want to give them the force and opportunity to make it good.”
« No one except the Supreme Court can defend Israeli democracy, and since we have a prime minister who is corrupted and the whole government is corrupted they are not interested in a strong court,” said another one. Mass protests against the government’s judicial overhaul have been going on for months in Israel. At the end of July, the parliament passed a law that restricts the Supreme Court’s ability to declare government decisions ‘unreasonable’, considered the first step of Netanyahu’s government plan to weaken the Supreme Court, giving more power to the governing coalition. »


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