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Autumn’s blush, rosy hush! Muhly grass delights visitors in China’s Liuzhou

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« Autumn has unveiled not only its signature golden landscapes in Liuzhou, Guangxi but also bestowed upon both residents and tourists a captivating natural wonder – the pink muhly grass. These unique grasses often likened to the delightful appearance of cotton candy, have turned the season into a mesmerizing spectacle for all to cherish.
Footage filmed on Monday shows local visitors strolling through expansive fields of pink muhly grass, snapping pictures, and having a great time.
Lately, in Liuzhou, the pink muhly grass fields have burst into full bloom, spreading across a remarkable 50 acres. This expansive sea of pink muhly grass has formed what people call a « pink ocean, » attracting enthusiastic crowds of locals eager to capture its beauty with their cameras.
“I usually watch short video platforms and see pink flowers here. I finally came over this weekend to see them, and I thought they were very dreamy and beautiful. The photos we took here were also very beautiful,” said Wu Yue, a local citizen.
“I saw this flower sea on the short video platform, and my mother brought me over today to watch it,” said Miss Mo, another visitor.
“I think these flowers are very dreamy and beautiful,” she added.
Pink muhly grass is a perennial herbaceous plant that thrives in warm seasons. It reaches heights of 30-90 centimetres and can spread up to 60-90 centimetres wide.
These lovely grasses bloom from September to November each year, producing clusters of cloudy and ethereal pink-purple flowers that sprout from a base of vibrant green leaves. From afar, they resemble a sea of pink clouds. »


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