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Genie in a bottle! Kenyan entrepreneur uses plastics to produce fuel in Muranga

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« James Murichu, Founder of Progreen Innovations Limited, used his creativity to come up with a green and sustainable project at his company in Muranga, as the engineer uses plastic bottles to produce diesel and petrol fuels.
Footage recorded on Sunday shows how plastic bottles are turned into fuel. It starts with people collecting the bottles and feeding them into a machine to shred them. Then, it shows the fuel being poured into a car’s tank.
« Our process is based on the collection of wasted plastic. We collect them from the homes, and sometimes individuals or institutions bring them to us. So, there is a shredding process that makes our diesel. We don’t use the conventional electricity,” Murichu explained.
He also said that the company does not use electricity to produce the fuels and revealed that he uses his creation on his vehicle.
“It is quite a good product,” he affirmed.
Local media reports indicate that Murichu intends to expand his project, currently in its early stages, to other cities in Kenya. »


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