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Kenyan pastor linked to starvation case remains in custody after defence pleads for adjournment

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« Kenyan pastor Paul Nthenge Mackenzie, accused of encouraging his followers to starve themselves to death appeared in court along with other accused in Mombassa on Monday.
Mackenzie’s lawyer Wycliff Makasembo appealed ‘for an adjournment of not less than two weeks’ for further consultations in order to acquire needed facts.
The chief magistrate, Yusuf Shikanda, granted the defence a deadline of October 12, dismissing prosecutor’s request for the detainees to be held for 180 days.
« Your lawyer will be given time to look for treatment and also prepare to answer the affidavits presented in court. The government’s side has been given five days to present more documents that are related to the prayers themselves, » the chief magistrate announced.
Pastor Paul Nthenge Mackenzie has been arrested, along with 14 others, and is being held pending a court hearing. Media outlets reported that he allegedly ordered followers to starve themselves to ‘meet Jesus’.
The allegations against Mackenzie, his wife Rhoda Maweu, and the co-accused span a range of serious charges, including murder, aiding suicide, abduction, radicalisation, genocide, crimes against humanity, child cruelty, fraud, and money laundering.
The group is implicated in the deaths of over 425 individuals, whose remains are still being discovered in Shakahola. »

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