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‘My wife is a principal, every day she catches teens with e-cigs’ – Bangkok locals split as poll finds parents, teachers back 2014 vape ban

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« Residents of Bangkok shared their thoughts on the government’s 2014 ban on vaping and electronic cigarettes on Monday, after a survey found more than 90 percent of parents and teachers supported the ongoing restrictions.
« I don’t think it is healthy for people to be doing it in the first place. So, it is probably a good idea for it to be not part of the society, » said Daniel, one of the locals.
« My wife is a school principal, and I know that every day she catches a few 14-15-year-olds in the bathroom of the schools trying to smoke e-cigarettes, » added Jamie, another local.
While e-cigarettes and vapes have been outlawed for nearly a decade, they remain available online and in some tourist areas.
Sarine, a third local, said that she didn’t back the outright ban, and that some restrictions on usage would be enough.
“If they want to have liberal rights on this, they should have the rules and specify the areas where should do this or not, The age too, they should sell it to a certain people,” she said.
« For me, it is not dangerous, for any people, » added a fourth, Habeba. « It is very good for the body if you know how to use, it is the same for electric cigarettes. … It’s much better than normal cigarettes. »
A number of studies and cancer charities have claimed that while e-cigarettes can be less harmful than traditional cigarettes, there are still potentially harmful chemicals present – while some health risks are as yet unknown.
A recent poll conducted by the Research Centre for Social and Business Development (SAB) of parents and school staff found 91 percent of the 5,582 surveyed agreed with the government maintaining the current ban on the import and sale of the products.
It is also found that 80 percent were aware of negative health consequences, and the same percentage believed the products were a ‘gateway drug’. »

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