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‘No to war’ – Pope Francis calls for peace and diplomacy during The Clinton Global Initiative in NYC

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« Pope Francis stressed the importance of working together responsibly to tackle issues like climate change, humanitarian crises impacting migrants and refugees, and the potential for war. He strongly called for an end to military conflicts, firmly stating, « No to war. » He delivered this message during a conversation with former President Bill Clinton at The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in New York on Monday.
“It is time for weapons and for us to return to dialog, to diplomacy let the designs of conquest and military aggression cease. That is why I repeat no to war. No to war,” His Holiness stated.
Amid these ongoing discussions, the Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiwei offered his perspective on China’s role in the changing world order. He highlighted that China has robust mechanisms in place that can further enhance its influence on the global stage, potentially making it even stronger.
“If we talk about the competition or efficiency then we realize China have a much powerful ways to really become even stronger. China is not going to disappear under many other nations like India’s or the other nations they all catch up,” he explained.
Ai Weiwei also provided a thought-provoking viewpoint on democracy. He recognised that historically, democratic systems have been the exception rather than the rule, leading to a critical reevaluation of Western democratic principles. Weiwei raised questions about the present condition of democracy in the Western world and wondered what might be amiss, stating, « What is wrong? »
Weiwei continued his discourse, emphasising the fundamental importance of freedom. He asserted that freedom is an essential quality of life, both for individuals and society as a whole underlining that Freedom means that ‘you can say something different. »
During the CGI, the Former United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, addressed the audience with a passionate plea for girls’ education and gender equality.
Hillary Clinton, Former United States Secretary of State: « It is time to ensure that every girl everywhere can get the education she deserves to have once and for all. It is time to end gender-based violence and the excuses that keep it in the lives of our girls and women forever,” she said.
The Clinton Global Initiative 2023 will bring together a diverse group of leaders, innovators, and visionaries. The event will take place in New York on September 18 and 19, building upon the momentum generated by the conference’s return last year after a six-year break. This conference aims to continue addressing pressing global issues. »


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