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Rise of the machines! Moscow hosts ‘Battle of Robots’ international championship

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« The first qualifying stage of the ‘Battle of Robots’ international championship took place in the Crocus Expo exhibition centre in Krasnogorsk, Moscow region, on Saturday.
Footage shows robots fighting in a special ring, with each machine trying to flip its opponent over and cause the most damage within three minutes.
Mikhail Borisov, mechanic of the Zveroboi team, described their team’s ‘fighter’.
« Our robot can go really fast. It’s very manoeuvrable. It is quite strong, basically, it is one of the most powerful weapons in the arena, » he said. « [It is] a balanced model, which allows it to hit quickly, as well as to drive quickly. »
According to the organisers, each team designed and built their own robot, with many from universities, technical schools or quantoriums; a Russian network of children’s technoparks.
In turn, businesses provided financial, technical and marketing support to the young developers.
« Robots can definitely become prototypes for some very cool and mesmerising, educational, useful toys for kids. In our vision, this is the prime application because our robots are real heroes, people are rooting for them. I am not sure that the robots themselves will go on sale, but I am sure that the technologies that the guys use to assemble the robots will help the development of national robotics, » said Katerina Kokorina, executive director of Double U Expo.
The event brought together 24 teams from Russia, Turkey, India and Kazakhstan.
The semi-finals, consisting of five Russian and one Turkish team, will take place in Perm on October 20-21. The final will be held in Moscow around November-December.
The first Russia-hosted ‘Battle of Robots’ was held in 2015 in Perm. From this year, the government announced that the event will take place on an annual basis.


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