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‘Schools experienced significant damage’ – Deadly earthquake forces students into makeshift tents in Draa-Tafilalet’s rural towns

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« The devastating earthquake that hit Morocco caused significant destruction to schools in the rural towns of Draa-Tafilalet, as seen in footage filmed in Anmiter on Sunday, forcing the authorities to set up makeshift tents for classes.
The Anmiter School could be seen heavily damaged, with classrooms in ruins. Town residents talked about several challenges that they were facing after the earthquake.
Muhammad ibn Umar, a member of the Inmetro Division for the Development of Social Services, said that ‘the schools had experienced significant damage’, especially in two areas, but that the temporary tents were not a long-term fix.
« However, though their efforts are appreciated, this is not the needed solution as this area is widely recognised for its cold weather, rainfall, and snowfall and the temperature drops to minus seven and children are unable to endure it, » he added.
A teacher, Abdel Karim Mourhan, expressed his concern about the safety of the housing units for teachers in the village.
« What is needed now is to pay close attention to teachers so that they are psychologically relaxed and able to teach their pupils, » he said.
The earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.8, struck southwest of Marrakech a week last Friday, resulting in the loss of nearly 3,000 lives and injuring thousands more. The rescue efforts now face time constraints as they search for remaining survivors in the rubble of devastated villages in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.
Morocco has welcomed help from countries like Qatar, Spain, the UAE, and the UK, who have sent search and rescue teams. These international teams are working together with Moroccan authorities to provide crucial assistance in the aftermath of the disaster. »

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