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Activist protests on top of tree near French Ministry of Ecological Transition in Paris against A69 highway project

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« A climate activist in Paris staged a protest on top of a tree in front of the Ministry of Ecological Transition in Paris on Monday.
The activist, identified as Thomas Brail, has reportedly been on a hunger strike for 18 days to denounce a highway construction project, known as the A69 project, between Toulouse and Castres.
Footage filmed on Monday features the activist sitting in the tree near the ministry with other activists as government officials gathered to address the audience, while protesters held placards reading ‘Thomas, the Plateau Preault collective is with you’ and ‘In Toulouse, in Paris, we are here with Thomas and all the climbers’.
Brail, the founder of the National Tree Surveillance Group (GNSA), chose this location to demand the suspension of highway work that began in April 2022. He is also seeking a meeting with Clement Beaune, the Minister of Transport, who reports to the Minister of Ecological Transition, Christophe Bechu. Brail’s ultimate goal is reportedly to arrange a working meeting with Beaune and Carole Delga, the president of the Occitanie regional council, who supports the A69 project.
Brail began his hunger strike on September 1st after seven trees in Vendine (Tarn) were cut down as part of the A69 works. He continued his protest by setting up camp in a tree in front of the Occitanie regional council in Toulouse before heading to Paris.
Several ecological associations have opposed the A69 project for years and have proposed alternative solutions. They are calling for a suspension of work until the courts have rendered their decisions on the four legal appeals filed against the project. »

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