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‘Addicted to the sanction’ – Tehran denounces new US embargo on media, calls them a cover-up attempt

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« Iranian government spokesperson, Ali Bahadori Jahromi, criticised the new US sanctions imposed on Tuesday against Iranian individuals and entities, including media outlets.
« Imposing sanctions on Iranian media is just a useless effort of the Western states to conceal the truth and transparency, this shows how the US is afraid of showing the truth by the truth-seeking media, » Jahromi said.
The Iranian government spokesperson stated that the sanctions illustrate ‘the double standards of the US.’
Last week, the US government announced new sanctions against 29 Iranian individuals and entities, which included Tehran-based news channel Press TV.
« The US is addicted to the sanction and can’t put it aside, » he stressed.
Continuing his speech, he emphasised that the release of frozen Iranian assets was a success of the Raisi administration.
« This is a vital success both for Iran’s foreign policy and the manager of the Central Bank, » he commented
This release of frozen assets follows an exchange deal with Washington, which involved the release of US and Iranian prisoners from both countries and the unfreezing of Iranian assets in South Korea. »


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